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Mar 16, 2022

【Thank you】10,000 Corporate Accounts Registered!

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Now we have achieved 10,000 corporate accounts registered at ApparelX. We deeply thank you all for doing business with us and having interests in our services.

Since the start, ApparelX has widen the product line-up including fabric/textile, buttons, lining, zippers, ribbons and so on. And at the same time, we have introduced various services ranging from useful B2B functionalities to revolutionized apparel ERP programs. From now on, we are improving them and changing the apparel world.

Because of the Covid-19, we are currently not able to attend international exhibitions like Premiere Vision and Intertextile Shanghai, but we believe the days are coming. We look forward to having meetings with you in your countries.

Best regards,

ApparelX Global Team

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Deliver From Japan
USD | United States dollar