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ApparelX is B2B e-commerce site for the apparel industry.

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Want to sell your product on ApparelX? ApparelX is an EC site that provides BtoB functions specialized for the apparel industry, and by having many manufacturers and suppliers participate, it will become an even more fulfilling service. We hope you will consider it. There are two ways of participating: ① participating as a maker (aka. manufacturer) and ② participating as a supplier.

① Participation as a maker

You can list your products on ApparelX by having the company that is your main supplier do the wholesale. You can also prepare content such as images and explanations. In addition, since it is possible to set a unit price for each member, it is possible to handle complicated distribution forms. After you contact us, the person in charge of the relevant supplier will contact you.

② Participation as a supplier (currently closed)

In the apparel industry, we have to provide a wide variety of fabrics and auxiliary materials to our customers. If a material maker, an apparel maker, and a garment factory make individual transactions, a huge number of transactions and contracts will occur, and transaction costs such as shipping costs will increase. Therefore, ApparelX limits the number of suppliers and collects products from each material manufacturer in one place as the main supplier and ships them. We are currently not accepting new applications, but please contact us if you are interested in participating as a supplier.

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TEL: +81-3-3252-1753
Deliver From Japan
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